Kara's Critter Care, LLC


The Benefits Of Hiring A Pet Sitting Company With More Than One Pet Sitter
1) Availability: We have a greater chance of accommodating everyone when there is more than one sitter to care for your pets.  We are more able to fit in last minute requests.  
2) Back Up Plan: Emergencies come up, people get sick.  With more than one sitter, another sitter can go when something arises so no one gets pet care cancelled on them last minute.
3) Insurance: Employees are bonded and insured which protects you if pet is injured or home gets damaged.
4) Experience: All the pet sitter will have their own animal experience and so we can all contact each other with questions.  They can also act as another set of eyes that might notice something that wasn't noticed before to better care for your pet.
5) Your Pet:  Your pet may now have more than 1 new friend that some pets literally jump for joy when they see them come for their visit.  How cool is that?
6) Personal: Clients have an opportunity to meet employees first (unless it is a last minute emergency) and Time To Pet is used to send messages so they know who went.  Written notes can be left as well.  This keeps things personal for the client.
7) Management: Employees also give the owner of business time to manage the business.  This gives the owner more time to answer phones, take care of last minute requests, be on standby for backup, and find new ways to improve the business to better care for your pet and keep you satisfied.
8) Peace Of Mind: Client gets to leave knowing that all bases are covered and pet will be well cared for.  After all, the employees are trained by the business owner that everyone already trusts.