Kara's Critter Care, LLC


Policies and Procedures

Rates: Found on website. www.karascrittercare.com.

Payment: Check, cash or credit card accepted, expected in full on or before the first day of service. Credit card info is to be kept on file with the authorization that Kara's Critter Care will charge the card on the first day of service without notification.  There will be a $10 late fee added to the bill each week if not paid by this time. There will be a $30 service fee for each returned check.

Cancellations and Refunds: Cancellations within 24 hour notice for regular days or within 5 days of a holiday will be charged in full. Refunds will not be given for other cancelled visits but will be credited to the account and must be used within 1 year of the cancellation date.

Business Hours: 8am to 8pm.

Reservations: Please allow for more than 48 hours in advance to schedule visits. Emergencies come up and I will do my best to accommodate, but no guarantees.  Reservations can be made by phone call/text, email, and time to pet service requests.

Visit Hours: Visit times are approximate and are done in a 2-4 hour window. Kara’s Critter Care, LLC will try to go as close to a preferred time as possible but no guarantee on exact times. Examples are early morning 7:30am-9:30am, late morning 9:30am-11am, middays are 11am-2pm, afternoon 2pm-4pm, dinnertime is 4pm-7pm, and night is 7pm-9pm.

Friends and Family Access: You must notify your pet sitter of any possible visitors to the home. A log must be left by the visitor stating when and why they were there. If they had any contact with the pet, please note that as well. Sitter will go about duty if visitor happens to be there the same time. If unannounced visitor is there, a phone call will be made to the owner to see if someone is supposed to be there. Sitter may call the authorities if they feel necessary. Any unneeded visits will be charged to the owner. The sitter is not liable for any and all liability stemming from the act(s) or failure to act of 3rd parties, known or unknown, who enter for any purpose while caring for your pets.

Last Minute Service: Any request for service within 24 hours of when the sitter is needed is last minute and is subject to a fee of $10. Kara’s Critter Care, LLC will try to accommodate any last minute requests but there are no guarantees.

Registration Fee: There are no registration fees. Kara’s Critter Care, LLC offers 1 free, ½ hour consultation for pet sitting/dog walking. If more consultations are needed, there will be a normal visit fee.   Please note that we take caring for pets seriously and strive to give your pets the best care possible in our 20-30 minute visits.  Consultations need to stay 30 minutes or less so we can continue to provide this excellent care to our other pet clients as well.  Thank you very much. Consultations that do take longer than half an hour will have a charge.

Keys: Kara’s Critter Care, LLC keeps keys on file. Two keys are requested, 1 to be kept with the sitter and one to be kept in a lockbox for emergency purposes. The code to a house alarm is required if there is one.  If the owner requires key pick up or drop off there will be a $10 fee.

Unsecured Pets: Kara’s Critter Care, LLC is not liable for loss, injury, illness, or death of a pet that is not secured in the home.

Safe Access: The owner will provide safe access to the home for the pet sitter, such as plowed driveways and shoveled sidewalks.

Confidentiality: No information will be given to a 3rd party, only pet sitters of Kara’s Critter Care, LLC.

Early Return: Charged in full for your unscheduled early return.

Inclement Weather: During inclement weather, if a pet sitter can’t make it to your pet, please give the name and number of a neighbor that can help out. Dog walks may be shorter for the safety of the dog and the walker. Dog walks will be cancelled during level 3 snow emergencies and will be credited to your account.

I’m Home: Give a courtesy call/text to let your sitter know you are home so we don’t keep going to the house. Any additional visits will be added to the bill. This is to ensure your pet’s safety in the event of a delayed return.

Pet Proofing: It is the pet owner’s responsibility to pet proof the home and fencing. Pet sitter is not responsible for damage done/injury to pet while in their own home.

Shared Pet Visits: For insurance reasons, there will be no job sharing among Kara’s Critter Care, LLC and friends/family of the pet owner.

Minimum Amount Of Visits: Once daily is the minimum for pet sitting (twice daily minimum for dogs). This is to allow the pet sitter to be able to rescue a pet that has gotten stuck, ill, injured, or if the heating/AC breaks.